What is a good definition of going green?

Does “going green” mean you have to stop showering, stop shaving, sell your car, read by candlelight and chain yourself to a tree to protest logging in the Northwest?

While that is the definition that some would have you believe it’s hardly the case.  However, coming up with a clear consistent definition turned out to be a little harder than I thought.  The blow by blow of my journey is documented below.

First Stop: Wikipedia

One of the first places I usually go when I want to learn about a new topic or define a concept is Wikipedia.  So I quickly jumped over to Wikipedia and searched for “going green”.

Turns out Wikipedia actually does not even have a page or definition for going green.  They simply redirect you to a page on “Environmentalism” .  So now going green has become an “ism”… interesting, as “ism”‘s are usually a bad thing.

According to Wikipedia,

“Environmentalism is a broad philosophy and social movement centered on a concern for the conservation and improvement of the environment. Environmentalism is associated with the color green.”

I felt that this was close, but left me wanting a more human definition.

Second Stop: Google

When in doubt I always go to Google (the all knowing Oracle of our time).  So I searched for “going green definition”.  I just love that Google knows what I am looking for and if you search for something with the word “definition” in it they give you a list of definitions from all over the web.


Clicking on the “Web definitions for Going Green”, Google provided six different options, including the “environmentalism” definition from Wikipedia.

The one that jumped out at me as being the closest to what I think of as “Going Green” was from the website www.lohas.com/glossary.html.

“A phrase referring to individual action that a person can consciously take to curb harmful effects on the environment through consumer habits, behavior, and lifestyle.”

Now that is a definition we can use!  It focuses on individual choices that we can all make together to lessen the harmful effects on the earth.  But it does NOT mean you have to turn your life upside down, sell all your possessions and move your family into a yurt (Word of the day challenge.. Yurt).

The way I read this definition and the way our family has chosen to implement the notion of “going green”, is to make small changes over time to improve our lives as well as the earth as a whole (no yurt livin’ for us thank you very much).

Lets be honest here, if you try and change everything in your life all at once.. you will end up quitting.  It’s much better to make one small change at a time and let it become a habit.  To help you develop these new habits, we will be posting many easy tips and tricks to do just this in future articles.

So what do you think about this going green definition?  Do you have a better one?  Think I am full of bologna?  Let me know in the comments below.

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8 Responses to “What is a good definition of going green?”

  1. Austin Says:

    Going green is what will be best for everyone. i know people say its retarded going green, but lets face it going green is better for US and the ENVIRONMENT.


  2. Anhsa Says:

    Going Green rox!


  3. Anhsa Says:

    I agree


  4. Patricia H Joseph Says:

    We have a small office in the city and the electricity bill is insane. Tell you what, we have tried to turn off the all the electric juice sucking machines, but not really see much of the difference in the bills. But, one day our plaza electrician told me that they are changing all the LED light tubes outside the plaza. Those LED lights look the same as the old light tube but after that we don’t think we see the electrician for months until people complaint about other problems. We tried using the LED light tubes and we are so damn glad we did. We already have the electric bill saving to pay off the LED lights that we got. Awesome product!!!


  5. Heather Says:

    Sounds like a good working definition to me.

    Going green is helpful in that it teaches us to not waste. Monetarily, really.

    However, there’s no evidence to suggest humans are alternating the Earth’s global climate patterns. (Anyone heard of the “little ice age”? I don’t think that was the Earth telling us to pollute.) Just something to keep in mind – this might not actually benefit anything other than bank accounts.

    Like I said, though, it’s fiscally responsible.


  6. Ronald Says:

    Its a great definition!


  7. Valerie Adams Says:

    Being thoughtful, considerate, conscious, aware of the World around you. Not wasting (and yes being frugal) with commodities such as Energy, Water, Paper (trees) and ? , knowing that they are not endless/bottomless, and sometimes, not even used the most sensible way… Finding alternative and new ways, being inventive in our lives, as in not using aerosols, driving in one car instead of 3 when possible…not using poisons on the earth/air–we are killing other things than weeds and bugs….(many dogs and cats are getting cancer for example)… It’s connected with “new age”, intelligence and caring about the earth and ourselves and other people. It Should include thanking our heavenly Father for so many wonderful gifts…but some just dismiss him…



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